Nurses are the heart of a hospital health care team. As such, Adventist College of Nursing and Health Sciences (ACNHS) established in the late 90s by Penang Adventist Hospital trains nurses who don’t hesitate to go beyond their duties in providing quality care. We take pride in our alumni who serve not only in Malaysia but in many countries around the world.

Diploma in Nursing for the Year 2022

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Donation by nursing students

We are so impressed by the attitude of giving demonstrated by our student body during this Chinese New Year. Without any prompting, the Student Association of ACNHS contributed over RM1K to the Earl Gardner Charity fund. Seen in the first photograph are the Student Association President Tammie Loh from the Class of 2022/1 with the CEO of Penang Adventist Hospital Mr. Ronald Koh. The other photos show the beaming faces of Dr. Thomas Tean the Chief Executive of the ACNHS, Dr. Solomon, the ACNHS Education Consultant, Ms Sherry Ediwin, the ACNHS Student Affairs Coordinator and Ms Jennie Ooi, the PAH Charity Department Manager. This is what Tammie had to say

“During pandemic at the end of 2021, we came across patients affected by the economic downturn, finding it difficult to pay hospital bills. I had seen announcement of funds available for patients on the hospital TV screens. I felt we should show the spirit of caring for those in need because we are nurses. Therefore, I urged our student council to consider giving a donation to one of the charities that help our patients. They agreed without a second thought. We chose the Earl Gardner fund as it helps patients with all kinds of financial needs. It is a privilege to share what God has blessed us with.”

PACSA President
Tammie Loh Shi Cheng