Chief Executive’s Message

Dr. Thomas Tean Wing Nyin, MBBS, GDHM
Chief Executive

In September 1993 The Adventist College of Nursing opened its doors to 19 aspiring young nurses. Almost 28 years later, the number of students taken each year has increased to over 90. The proud history behind it, is not only filled with stories of the innumerable skilled nurses that have emerged from ACNHS but also of their children who have chosen to follow in the footsteps of their parents. The college is gratified to be considered as producing the cream of the crop amongst nurses in the country. After all, nurses are the heart of health care.

The pandemic has opened the eyes of all to the need of well-prepared tensile nurses to ensure the good health of all people. Individuals who chose ACNHS to become nurses range from high school leavers to graduates of other degrees and diplomas. They choose nursing because they understand that good nurses are a necessity in a constantly changing world.

From training nurses just for its parent hospital – Penang Adventist Hospital – to preparing nursing for other hospitals in Penang and Kuala Lumpur, ACNHS has come a long way. Gratitude for their faith in our ability to educate our nurses motivates our striving to ensure that our students become the best version of themselves through wholistic educational experiences to become servant leaders that embrace the mission of service, are guided by faith, and committed to living balanced lives.

Florence Nightingale said: ‘Let us never consider ourselves finished nurses, we must be learning all our lives’. Our alumni have proven this truth by building on what was received at ACNHS to become leaders in nursing education and nursing service. Graduates of the college we all are students in the classroom of life. So, spend some time on our website, consider the achievements of our graduates and never cease to learn. You may discover your calling.